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Filling up my Calendar with you….

It’s been so hell of a crazy months together with you and few months left and you’ll be on board, I just can’t imagine how well I can take this long distance relationship, I can’t say that “oh yeah, I’ll wait for you and so on…” I just can’t spill out promises to you, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be unfaithful or it will not work, I just don’t want to overtake the things that are not yet in our face.. It may sound as eerie and vague as  it is, but I just want to make things go round and more of everything will follow on our own will not in the cause of fate and destiny but in our own creations.. This will be a strong and long journey for the both of us, and I don’t want you to get some benefit of the doubt, just learn things and make it your way to your success and our fondness of relationship… 

Since few months left in our calendar lets push our time together, we still have lots of memories to fill up in our hearts, lets just cherish this perishable time.. I hate how time flies.. But I still go on.. with you..

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